Broken Door

3:45 PM

Broken Door

"My heart goes out to this man who had lost everything in these riots," Minister spoke to the media pointing towards a man standing in front of the hanging door of his broken house.

"We know reconstruction of this village needs elbow grease but we will put our best foot forward for this task ," that man was silently listening to him.

"You say that I should prevent this but my hands were tied being not in the state government but I have a gut feeling that they will understand me and I will be back in power," the man near the door was still watching him silently.

He moved forward quickly which removed the already hanging door and slapped the minister as he was also hand in gloves with the rioters.

He was up in arms against him for trying to take political gain of this situation.

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I am a poet,writer and a blogger who blogs about almost everything many times raising social problems while trying to find their solutions.


  1. Very nicely woven idioms in the story.
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  2. Excellent take on the prompt! :)

  3. Interesting take Shayar.. Realistic and thought provoking..

  4. What an awful thing to have to go through. Many people in the area I live lost property (some lost everything) in flooding last year. Somehow, I think it's even worse when the destruction was due to human evil than to violent acts of nature, even though both are traumatic.
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  5. Isn't that just typical - taking advantage of every situation to make political gains. Nicely woven idioms.
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    Suzy at Someday Somewhere

  6. You have woven a tale around something that happens often ... taking every calamity, every situation for political gains!

    Women (Un)Judged

  7. You wove in the idioms into your story so well. People are always trying to get ahead instead of doing any real good! Well done!

  8. That is such an hauntingly beautiful piece!