The Indian World

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The Indian World

India is always a matter of curiosity for the western world.For being among the oldest civilizations of the world they always tried to find more about India and went for voyages to discover India and its culture & tradition. It was this culture and tradition of India, the quality of assimilation of every good thing into it which has attracted the world over from centuries and is continuing doing so even today. People say that India was robbed by many foreign invaders and rulers but I say that they have lost their everything to us by enriching our culture.It is this quality due to which world is becoming more Indian than what we think.

Today in this modern world also India is attracting everyone be it as world's biggest consumer market or as spiritual and cultural destination. Look at the big multinational brands , they are launching India specific products. Companies like McDonald's,Pizza Hut,etc have introduced Indian flavors to their menu. Levi's Jeans and other such brands have Indian fits and styles to their collection. They have became Indian. The Lufthansa airlines as their TV commercial suggests serve Indian food in their flights and offer Indian hospitality, such thinks are rare in other airlines. This is more Indian than we actually think or I should say we never think to connect it to India having its association with Germany. But it has embraced Indian culture which even lacked by some Indian airlines. It is this closeness of Lufthansa with Indian culture which has made it the no. 1 European airline of India.

The Indian culture have attracted the whole world. With increase in globalization the Indianization of the world has also started. We have seen US president giving Diwali wishes and lighting candles in the white house, Hollywood female actors are draping themselves in Indian Saree the famous attire of Indian women and why only female actors, male actor to carry Indian attires on their bodies, Indian musicians,singers and dancers are part of bands, concerts, movies and albums of foreign celebrities, some Hollywood movies premiere first in Indian market and than in the US, many world leaders wishes happy independence day to India and even display tricolors of Indian flag at their important places,  this is the charm of Indian culture which is making the world Indianized.

If we look at these things we can say that the world belongs more to India now than to the any other country of the world. I am sure it will grow like this even more and the Indian hospitality, cuisine and entertainment provided by Lufthansa airline will also copy by others soon, see this video

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Book Review - God Is A Gamer

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Book Review - God Is A Gamer

God Is A Gamer is written by Ravi Subramanian and is published by Penguin Books. I have received author signed copy of this book from BlogAdda as a part of book review program. Before going to the book I must admit that I haven't read previous fiction works of Ravi Subramanian namely If God Was A Banker, Devil In Pinstripes, The Incredible Banker, The Bankster and The Bankerupt and neither his non-fiction I Bought The Monk's Ferrari and after reading God Is A Gamer I regretted not being aware of his writing before. Ravi Subramanian is a banker by profession writing thrillers related to banks and bankers and this one is also one of them and promoted as world's first bitcoin related thriller.

Cover : The bitcoin symbol in the title hints at its involvement in the plot. The shape of man looking at white house and the tag line ' Is Revenge A Crime?' relates story to the USA and to the white house. The shape of the man is looking confident enough to take his revenge but with whom is the matter of reading. The cover reveals that a narrative of intrigue is waiting for you which happens with the prologue in which so many things were happening but how and why is unknown.

Plot: Gillian Tan a senator and close pal to the president of United States was killed in a car explosion. This case was handed over to Adrian Scott a special agent of FBI on urgent basis. The story revolves around Scott's investigation of this case ,its link to the ATM heist of millions in New York city and with the new virtual currency Bitcoin. His findings about Indian involvement in the heist and Tan's assassination. How he finds its connection with Malvika's suicide a banker in India in his search? What's the role of leading gaming company of India in all these things? The fast paced roller coaster narrative cross gamer,banker,politician and terrorist shocking and surprising the reader at each turn. How Scott solve each puzzle to reach the real culprit is heart pounding. A case which moves from US to India and from India to US via many twists,turns and encounters with technicians, corrupt bankers,CBI, drug peddlers and many more.

Thriller : The tight plot keep you hooked and you try to go through the complete story as soon as possible to know who was pulling strings. The narrative is as quick as the story, the things were coming rapidly leaving you awestruck and surprised. The climax was superb and wasn't in haste. The end is like a some Hollywood thriller movie but is justified looking at the situations. I also liked the detailing of some technical and financial terms. Quick switching of scenes from different places to different people in the end makes you restless and more curious which I think is a right approach to such thrillers.

Spoiler : Complex plot and introducing a new character in every chapter in the start may look bit confusing to some readers. Use of some financial and technological terminology distance it from common readers who are not into thriller genre. Also I think the Bollywood connection is missing in the plot,when so much money,traps,betrayal are happening actors involvement is a must.

Rating : Must read for thriller lovers and a must try for everyone. I will give 3.9/5 to this book.

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Gharwali Diwali

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Gharwali Diwali

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We always understands importance of things when we are devoid of them whether they are humans, some things or some festivals, we only understands value of somethings in our lives when we don’t have the opportunity to feel them as we were feeling them in the past. Post my father’s dad we realized how futile festivals are without guests in home without the usual hullabaloo. We have a lot of guests in our house on Eid and Diwali due to my father’s friendly nature. He could easily mix up with anybody irrespective of their ages. He was a child among children, full of energy when with young people, a scholar among intellectuals, a worker among staff and so on. I still remember how people crowded our house with gifts and wishes when he was alive. Neighbors, family friends, staff and even local MLA visited our house. We make sure that we should not go anywhere during Diwali holidays and for that reason we have missed several weddings and other parties from our relatives on the day of Diwali.

After his death we haven't experienced any such festivities on Diwali. It is not that we are not social but I and my brother are not as charismatic as he was. We have guests and friends for Diwali even now but not like in those times. The first Diwali after my father’s death was a silent one for us with no lighting and decorations, even our neighbors decided to celebrate it quietly for him. We lived in a locality where both Hindus and Muslims lived together and that too in a family like environment celebrating each other’s festivals, such gesture by our neighbors was remarkable and worth appreciating. That’s what make India a special country and not that political discussions to identify individuals on basis of religion. They visited our home with sweets and gifts since we were not celebrating the festival like earlier years. They cheered us and made that Diwali special for us.

I can’t imagine a without Gharwali Diwali and with ghar I don’t only mean my family and house but without our extended family in our neighbors who are more than any relative for us. Being a Muslim, the most important festival to us is Eid-ul-fitr but being reared in composite culture Diwali also holds a very important place in my heart. I remembered my childhood days when our group of friends used to burst crackers till late at night but after increase in pollution level in Delhi we all pledged to ‘say no to crackers’ and never bought crackers since then. We started concentrated our Diwali more in distributing sweets, sharing Pepsi with kurkure gift packs, meeting old friends and making Diwali happy for the underprivileged.  I have written few lines to summarize Gharwali Diwali,

Mahsoos karo wo saath jo de kadam-kadam khushhali, 
Wo jhappi jo le ude thakan-chuban duniyawali,
Meethi ho saans, na gham ho pass, ho nazron mein chamak matwali,
Aisi ummed hai kare wahi jo manaye, Gharwali Diwali.

(Feel the togetherness which brings happiness at every step,
An embrace that took away pain and sufferings of world,
Sweet breath, without any sorrows and having shining eyes,
One who celebrated 'Home Diwali' desires such things )

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Here is the video of Pepsi Gharwali Diwali , Happy Diwali to all, may all get to celebrate #GharwaliDiwali

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Nature's Plan

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Nature's Plan

"The winter is coming my son," he looked at the vast barren land which used to be his village in that god gifted place and added, "I think we need to leave now."

"But papa, our home is here," "our home was here." He corrected his son and moved inside the make shift home to start packing whatever few things they had. They were among the negligible survivors from their village after the flood which devastated the paradise on earth Kashmir Valley. They refused to go with army when they came for rescue so that they could stay and rebuild their village with the help and aid provided by the government through army.

They lived among the rotten dead human and animal bodies, buried them, helped each other to construct houses with limited resources but never thought of living their village because this would mean the extinction of their ancestral land but the intense cold winds were indicating early onset of winter and snowfall. The make shift houses were not enough to sustain chilly winters. They decided to leave immediately with teary eyes but god has different plans. The Hudhud cyclonic winds in Indian ocean the reason for humongous destruction of property and life in eastern coastal region of India reached Himalayan mountain range causing early snowfall in that region.

Those preparing to leave their villages to safer places in winter got struck their due to snowfall to die a slow death. They were destined to die by natural calamity and they died by one. Nobody can change nature's plan.

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